Preparation for the 3rd Scientific and Technical Forum "Day of Advanced Technologies for Law Enforcement Agencies of the Russian Federation" was discussed in Moscow Region

dpt1(1).jpgDeputy Director of the Federal National Guard Troops Service (Russian Guard) Lieutenant-General Yuri Babkin held an offsite meeting with participants of the interdepartmental working group responsible for preparation of the 3rd Scientific and Technical Forum "Day of Advanced Technologies for Law Enforcement Bodies of the Russian Federation".

The meeting participants conducted a reconnaissance of the area for location of the expositions, identified areas for demonstration of the technical characteristics of the exhibition products, deployment of the field kitchen, holding of business, sports and other events, and discussed current organizational issues.

“Day of Advanced Technologies for Law Enforcement Agencies of the Russian Federation 2019" will be held on May 23-25 in Balashikha, Moscow Region, at the site of the Training Center of the Russian Federation National Guard Troops Service Separate Operational Division named after F.E. Dzerzhinsky. The event is organized by the Russian Guard and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. Traditionally, leading domestic manufacturers of weapons and special equipment will present their high-tech innovations and finished products.

The applications for participation have already been confirmed by enterprises that fulfill the state defense order in the interests of the Russian Guard and other power structures: the leading holdings of the Rostech State Corporation – Concern “Kalashnikov” and Research & Production Association “High-Precision Complexes”, the “Ural” Automobile Plant, Production Association of Special Materials, Russian Medical Corporation and other large specialized organizations.

For the convenience and easy navigation, exhibition products, including the latest object security systems, multi-purpose air vehicles and unmanned systems, security equipment, medical support, RCB protection and reconnaissance, special radio electronics and many others, will be presented in 14 thematic areas - clusters.

Format of the upcoming forum traditionally includes exposition, business and demonstration parts. Thus, in accordance with the decision of the Military Industrial Commission under the President of the Russian Federation, meeting of the Council of Chief Designers of the Overland Component System of General Purpose Forces and the Interdepartmental Working Group on the Development of Advanced Technical Requirements for Military Equipment and its Individual Systems will be held on the margins of the Forum, close to real combat use.

Multimedia presentation programs and master classes of participating companies are also provided with the possibility of demonstration shows. This will allow customers to evaluate presented products and discuss topical marketing issues and develop further business contacts and cooperation,

The events held within the framework of the "Day of Advanced Technologies" will not only have an introductory nature, but also have practical application. The best samples after approbation will come into service of the Russian Guard Troops and other law enforcement bodies of our country. This will make possible to increase the efficiency of their work activities, and also serve as a successful factor in ensuring the security of the state and its citizens.

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