INTERPOLITEX Exhibition celebrates its anniversary

The 20th anniversary exhibition of Means of State Security Provision, “Interpolitex 2016”, will be held from 18 to 21 October 2016 in Moscow in the territory of the All-Russian Exhibition Centre VDNH, Pavilion No 75.

The Exhibition is organized by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, Russian Federal Security Service and Russian Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation. The INTERPOLITEX exhibition operator is ‘Bizon’ Exhibition Companies Group (‘OVK ‘Bizon’ PLC).


INTERPOLITEX annually unites hundreds of players from the international market thereby confirming its status of an international forum. This security show is the very place where the security industry development trends are set, innovation products are showcased and strategic agreements are reached.

More than 400 exhibitors, including 47 foreign companies from 10 countries have officially confirmed their participation in the INTERPOLITEX 2016 exhibition two months before the event. INTERPOLITEX 2016 is a milestone anniversary exhibition and it is expected to hit the record of 20 000 visitors from various parts of Russia and across the world.


A comprehensive range of products and services as well as integrated security solutions for all spheres of modern life will be presented and showcased in the course of INTERPOLITEX 2016 event.

An extensive scientific-business programme of INTERPOLITEX 2016 will be held in the goal of consolidating efforts to counter international terrorism and organized crime. It has conferences on arms, military and special-purpose equipment sales on its agenda. The conferences are organized by the Ministry of the Interior and the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation. The session of the CSTO Business Council operating under the umbrella of the CSTO Interstate Commission for Military and Economic Cooperation will be held within the framework of the business programme of INTERPOLITEX 2016.


The INTERPOLITEX 2016 event will traditionally include the ‘National Security’ Contest. The aim of the contest is to reward the best enterprises, companies and organizations with outstanding achievements in the field of security. The winners will be awarded a ‘Quality and Security Guarantee’ Gold Medal and a diploma of the laureate of the contest.

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The regular live demonstration and display of operational and combat capabilities of armament, weapons and equipment manufactured by defence industries enterprises and companies as well as demonstration exercises performed by special-purpose units of Internal Troops of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation will take place at the Special Testing and Shooting Range of the ‘Geodesia’ Federal State Enterprise in the town of Krasnoarmeysk, Moscow Region.

You can get a more detailed information on the coming INTERPOLITEX 2016 exhibition of Means of State Security Provision by visiting the official exhibition website:

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