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Good news. We have decided to unite two events: 23rd International Exhibition of Means of State Security Provision “INTERPOLITEX-2019” and 2nd International Innovation & Technology Forum SAY FUTURE: MOSCOW .


What was the purpose? For nearly 24 years we operate “INTERPOLITEX” show and gather statistics defining the efficiency rate for exhibitors taking part in this security forum in Russia. The average amount of annual visitors (based on the last 6 editions’ data) is more than 25 000 specialists from different states of the world which provides the exhibitors with approximately 289 “touches” resulting in 24% of successful bargains. (Statistical spread is obviously possible in this case but nonetheless). INTERPOLITEX project being one of the biggest and oldest security exhibitions in Europe opened gates of Russian, Asian and European markets for a huge number of companies.

That was the reason why we decided not to divide these most interesting events and have SAY FUTURE: MOSCOW forum operated on the ground of INTERPOLITEX-2019 show.

This solution will bring the elements of exhibition to the forum, attract bigger number of significant investors and world-class speakers for the most fascinating Business Program and, of course, it will draw attention of bigger amount of professional visitors to the event.

The idea was supported by the official organizers of 23rd International Exhibition of Means of State Security Provision “INTERPOLITEX-2019” – Ministry of Internal Affairs, Federal Security Service and Federal National Guard Troops Service of Russia which are also significant investors on security market of Russia, by the way. SAY FUTURE: MOSCOW forum is officially integrated in Concept and Program of the exhibition.

P.S. The last but not the least, thanks to the above mentioned unification decision the forum will last for four days instead of two as it was set in the first place. That brings more opportunities to present your products to the audiences of both exhibition and forum and attract not only customers but investors as well.

Here is also a very useful tip for Moscow companies. Moscow government will cover 50% of companies’ expenses for participation in INTERPOLITEX project and events held within its’ framework!

Who can be subsidized? — Businessmen of Moscow!

In what period? — from 10 June till 1 November, 2019

Expenses subject to compensation:

— Registration fee;

— Construction and equipment of exhibition booth;

— Exhibition space rent.

How can I get subsidies? — Leave a website inquiry at, and you will be informed!

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