Technologies Are Improving, Dimensions Are Decreasing, Functionality Is Increasing

New developments from 36 domestic manufacturers of search, screening and criminalistic equipment were presented to the participants during the scientific and practical conference held on the basis of NPO Special Technique and Communications of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs. 200 delegates from the country's law enforcement agencies - the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Federal Security Service, the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Emergencies and others, as well as JSC Rosoboronexport, got acquainted with the exposition and discussed trends in the field of security equipment.


As noted by Mr. Sergey Marichev, general director of the Bizon company, which is the organizer of the business and exposition parts of the conference: technologies are improving from year to year, dimensions of the devices are decreasing, and their functionality is increasing. Specialists are interested in getting acquainted with newcomers who can be adopted later on in the interests of law enforcement agencies.

Most of the achievements in search and screening technologies have emerged in response to terrorist threats. This is not the first year when non-linear locator Korshun is widely used during inspections of venues planned for holding of various cultural events. The device, designed to search for mines with electronic control, has proven itself not only in Russia but also in the vastness of the CIS and in Syria. The gadget detects dangerous objects at great depths rolled up in concrete and asphalt, even if they are in the turned off regime. The manufacturer, in collaboration with other companies, is constantly improving his product. Its new versions appear. Now the mine detector can hover in the sky. The non-linear locator placed on a copter with a video camera allows you to detect radio-controlled explosive devices and mines on the surface of the earth and in the upper soil layer from a height of up to 20 meters. A new, lightweight version of the Dragonfly drone was presented to the participants of the conference: the detection depth of explosive objects with electronic filling was increased by the manufacturer three times - from 5 to 15 centimeters.

A non-linear locator installed on the Muravej robotic complex is capable of not only reconnaissance in soil at a depth of six meters, but also deliver a charge to the place of detection of a mine-explosive device to destroy a dangerous object. Thus, the threat to the life of sappers is minimized. The robot is also used to find shells and ammunition hidden underground, while preparing the territory for construction and agricultural work. The manufacturer has not only solved the problem of import substitution of deep mine detectors, but is also ready to supply its products abroad. The Muravej (ant) has already proven its effectiveness during the humanitarian operations for demining in Laos.

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Inspection systems for scanning cars (including the driver’s cab) and containers are constantly being improved to detect dangerous and prohibited items, such as explosives, drugs and weapons. Traffic police and customs were the first and mostly interested parties in these new products.


X-ray machines, examining heavy trucks, can now scan them from different angles. They have become safer for the driver. When the cockpit is illuminated, he does not need to leave the car, since radiation doses comply with sanitary standards. This allows you to reduce the search time and achieve greater throughput at checkpoints - up to 120 vehicles per hour. If earlier such a check was carried out selectively, then with the help of scanners of a new generation it is possible to cover the entire flow of vehicles. The operator, controlling the equipment remotely, is completely safe in the event of an explosion or other unusual situation.

One of the exhibits - the explosive vapor detector is being tested at the Moscow metro. With its help, you can determine whether the abandoned bag is dangerous. There is no need to open it. The manufacturer admits: despite the high sensitivity of the device, it has not yet been able to get closer to the dog’s scent. But this is a matter of time! And you have to note the detector can work 24 hours a day without a break, it can not be knocked down by hot pepper and other foreign odors. Domestic development has a great advantage over foreign analogues - it does not need expensive consumables.

If you can’t surprise anyone with breathalyzers of various models, then analyzers aimed at detecting narcotic substances are still of genuine interest to many law enforcement agencies. The device presented at the exhibition works on the principles of immuno-chromatographic analysis and can determine the presence of a drug in the human body analyzing the human saliva. At present the device can recognize the 7 most common banned substances in Russia today. But it is capable of more. In any case, the real needs of the customer will be taken into account. According to many conference participants, such analyzers are very much in demand today, especially in the traffic police.

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But personal audio-video recorders can provide invaluable assistance to the staff of the Police Patrol and Checkpoint Service. They work continuously up to 14 hours, taking pictures of the environment and fixing the trajectory of the policeman. Recorded events that occurred during the duty period can become evidence in court. At the end of the working day, the device is loaded into the special terminal, where all information is downloaded from it. In addition, the device can be also charged here. A developer from St. Petersburg provided the DVRs for testing in one of the police units. Taking into account the comments and wishes of the consumer, he made additional adjustments. The terminal can now load up to twice as many devices - up to 60. And the device will be issued using a user's fingerprint or scanning a bar code from his ID.

Within a minute, a tablet with a scanner connected to the operational database using bluetooth will help to identify the suspect by photo and fingerprints. His analogue is even more compact. A gadget with the same features fits in your pocket. Such a device should be of interest to representatives of operational services.

More than once from the staff of DNA laboratories one can heard how important it is to correctly remove biological traces from the crime scene. The portable case with special highlights, presented at the exposition, allows them to be seen in different colors. This innovation was developed according to the technical specifications of forensic experts.


Now Criminal Expertise Centre (CEC) employees have a more advanced tool for studying banknotes for authenticity. The traditional magnifier is already in the past. By placing the banknote under study in a special device, the base of which is loaded with samples of all world currencies, it can be compared in a number of ways with the original. Although, even with modern technology, according to the opinion of the manufacturer, the knowledge and experience of specialists in this field has not been canceled.

As part of the scientific and business program of the conference, about 30 reports on the problems of implementing innovative solutions were presented to the auditoria. During the presentations and reports made at the event, and especially during the breaks, was asked a lot of clarifying questions, started many discussions and debates, what emphasized the relevance of the issues brought up for discussion.

It is noteworthy that the most breakthrough developments - according to the words of many manufacturers – were especially held to be shown at the 23rd International Homeland Security Exhibition “INTERPOLITEX - 2019”, which will be held on October 22 - 25 in Moscow at the All-Russia Exhibition of Economic Achievements (VDNH, Pavilion No. 75). It is expected that the annual forum will be attended by more than 20 thousand guests.

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