A round table on the promotion of shooting sport will be held within the framework of 20th anniversary exhibition INTERPOLITEX-2016.


The primary goals of the event will be the promotion of shooting sports and raising awareness of handling of weapons. The representatives of civil society organizations and sport communities as well as athletes and public figures with a glorious sports past and present who are now fully committed to the promotion of sports activities.

In the course of the round table, the following subjects will be discussed: the mainstreamification and the facilitation of public access to firearms and strike ball weapons, women’s outfit for shooting sports, legal framework of strike ball weapons use, strike ball as an alternative to martial exercises and the accessibility of information on sporting weapons.

The round table is organized by ‘Mass Effect Agency’ and Exhibition Companies Group (ECG ‘OVK ‘Bizon’). The event is scheduled for October 20, 2016, from 10:00 to 12:00 in the territory of the VDNH All-Russian Exhibition Centre in the Pavilion No 75, hall B (No 238, 2nd floor,the balcony).

INTERPOLITEX 2016 Press-Service

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