End-to-End Insight: Traps for Terrorists, Omnipresent Endoscopes, Spy Cases

New developments of search and inspection equipment will be presented at the Interpolitex-2019 exhibition within a separate exposition.


As in previous years, it is expected that most of the exhibits are related to ensuring safety during cultural events. Many of them have already been tested, and have proven their effectiveness in practice: they were used to equip Olympic facilities in Sochi, the World Cup in Moscow, and are used daily in the performance of law enforcement agencies.


From year to year, domestic manufacturers improve their products. Take, for example, the well-known metal detector arches. It would seem difficult to come up with something new in this area. However, the real discovery in the market of inspection equipment was waterproof and adapted to Russian winter, representatives of arched technology. They are equipped with LCD screens that are resistant to temperature changes and do not lose their clarity and brightness even in severe frost.


A number of other domestic developments are in demand both in open and closed areas. One of them is the NR-2000 nonlinear transition detector. The “universal manual locator” picks up the radiation of any, even disconnected, electronic carriers that may be a potential hazard. And, which is especially important in penal colonies and correctional institutions, it can recognize even SIM cards hidden on the human body.


The real breakthrough of one of the recent Interpolitex exhibitions has become the Fob laptop computer, equipped with special software and its own information retrieval system, which allows intercepting messages and files of terrorists. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in 2016 it managed to prove its effectiveness in practice. The first prototypes have already entered the service in the forensic departments of the MIA.

The bank of inspection equipment for special purposes is regularly replenished by the special development laboratory of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. It is enough to recall the “spy case” created by the laboratory experts, which allows for a contactless search without the knowledge of the suspect. A similar device is already being used in the Armed Forces. But this development from the police is much lighter and more compact. Various modifications of the model have an adapted design for a bag or small suitcase, so the device can be easily transported. Portable X-ray equipment is installed opposite the object and gives a clear image of the contents of personal items, without attracting attention.



A new word in security is television endoscopes designed to inspect object cavities in hard-to-reach places. The device can be used in hazardous areas, displaying images on a monitor screen. This allows the gadget to work even in flammable liquids when exposed to pressure. And the all-penetrating gadgets of the special services “Scarab” and “Sphere” are capable of not only reaching dangerous for a person places in the shortest time, but also broadcasting live from there.

One can get acquainted with the new products developed by the manufacturers of special equipment at the 23rd International Exhibition of Means of State Security Provision “Interpolitex 2019”, which will be held on October 22 – 25, 2019 at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements (VDNH, Pavilion No. 75). It is expected that the annual forum will be attended by more than 20 thousand guests.

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