"Say Future" Platform Will Connect Cities from Moscow to Vladivostok

Expert of the Security Exhibition Platform "Say Future", specialist in the field of the organization of security systems, the founder of the Rose of the Winds" Companies Group Mr. Vladimir Kashirov, initiated the public motor rally Moscow-Vladivostok-Moscow.


During the communication in the regions will be touched upon. various issues of the development of public control, military-patriotic education and youth policy. In a number of subjects, meetings are planned for the preparation of the first launch of the Say Future Exhibition Platform in October 2018.

Director of the Say Future exhibition platform, Mr. Nikolai Marichev, arrived at the start of the rally.


"Only from the beginning of the year presentations about our exhibition devoted to the means of safety and security of the future "Say Future" took place in Moscow, Moscow region, Ulyanovsk region, Kaliningrad, Armenia and many other places, - commented Mr. Marichev. In this sense, the civil and human position of the organizers of the rally is close to us and quite understandable. In the 21st century, the world and our vast country, in fact, are very small, and any project must unite, blur the boundaries, show new formats and mechanisms, set the parameters for the future and inspire people."


"We have very good connections in all regions of Russia, we will try to"load"our colleagues with the agenda of Say Future, and, of course, we will be proud to follow the movement of the vehicles column through our country. Even the distance from Moscow to Vladivostok is very serious for moving on a car, and the willingness to go back by another route arouses great respect."

As a "talisman", the participants of the motor rally will take with them the Say Future hash tag. Follow the "autoprobeNSB" tag for the news. Let’s remind you that Say Future platform will be for the first time open in Moscow on October 24-25.


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