The Say Future Platform Tests All Announced Tracks on the Eve of the Launch


In the Moscow headquarters of the Forum on Modern Security Technologies "Say Future: Security", a series of preview-events with the leaders of all the announced tracks started in August.

Under the guidance of the "Say Future" Forum Director Mr. Nikolai Marichev, the Forum headquarters at VDNK weekly gathers experts of directions and with the help of joint discussions adjust the agenda.


Let us recall that the following topics were announced at Say Future: anti-terror, biometrics, safe future, safe capital, blockchain in security, video surveillance, global security technologies, drones, intellectual property, artificial intelligence in security, cyber security, perimeter protection, robotics , access control systems (ACS), equipment, export security industry potential, PR of the future.

"This is a completely new format, which has not been yet, it is important for us together with all our respected experts to understand and test it, to formulate speeches accordingly, to tune in," explains Mr. Marichev. We jointly review examples of the most popular foreign formats, for example, Slush, we try to take into account successful experience and to finish building our own format taking into account the mentality and specificity of the topic of security. "

"The main story for us is also to make a socially significant and notable event, and not just an industry "hobnob". That is why we are currently working on the social experiment "Parameters of the Future 2045", a unique study devoted to the assessments and attitudes of expert and civil society on all major tracks of the Say Future. In fact, this is some kind of informal all-Russian brainstorming with a view to outline the contours, the parameters of the future. "

"Generally, there will be a lot of unique ideas and surprises at Say Future, we try to inform the audience about them as much as possible with the help of our resources," concluded Mr. Nikolai Marichev.

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