From Satellites to Drones

Special exposition “IT, Telecom Means and Systems, Automation and Information Security Systems and Equipment” will be one of the most important thematic section of the INTERPOLITEX-2019 exhibition. As shown by the experience of previous years, 77 percent of visitors show their great interest to this topic. If we have in mind that every year the event is attended by more than 20 thousand guests, the figure is rather impressive. The same can be told about the number of participants - 500 domestic and foreign companies annually express a desire to demonstrate their new products specifically at Interpolitex. Here they can find their potential customers and get acquainted with the know-how in this area.


More than a third of consumers of high-tech products are national security, defence and law enforcement agencies of Russia. The latest technologies are in great demand in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Federal Security Service, Federal National Guard Troops Service, EMERCOM of Russia, Federal Penitentiary Service, Ministry of Defense. Many units of these structures – such as communications, information security, situational centers, police control rooms and others – are already using a lot of the innovations that were presented at the exhibition stands with a task of ensuring the security of the state and the individual. For example, today every police crew in the capital is equipped with a global satellite navigation system (GLONASS), which seemed only recently to be something from the field of fiction. When an alarm signal arrives at the dispatch center of the satellite company, the closest crew of police, traffic police or private security guards are promptly sent to the scene of the incident. Arrival time is no more than 8-10 minutes.

This section of the exhibition also attracts representatives of the large corporations, banks, academic institutions, departments of transport and other organizations seriously concerned about protecting their own resources from unauthorized entry and information leaks. Such group of visitors consists more than 20 percent of the total number of attendees.


What will surprise the participants of INTERPOLITEX this year? Many companies still keep the intrigue. But guests of previous exhibitions well remember interesting intellectual solutions presented, for example, by mobile operators: MegaFon developed the concept of a technologically advanced regional management center based on modern IT technologies. Also we can name unmanned systems installed on the drones, which attracted the interest of representatives of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Or the Skit system, which provides automatic continuous monitoring of facilities, designed and manufactured by Globus Telecom.

Traditionally, special attention is attracted by up-to-date mobile radio communications systems, without which today it is difficult to imagine the actions of the power-wielding agencies performing their service and combat missions. Therefore, visitors are awaiting new products from the regular Interpolitex exhibitor – OAO “Gorizont” from the city of Rostov-on-Don. The company for about 60 years has been producing ship navigation radar stations and systems that are in demand not only in Russia, but also supplied to ten countries of the world.

"NATEKS-Spetstelecom", which has already announced about its participation in the exhibition, continues to improve and expand the line of professional equipment for telephony and data transmission. For many years, the products of this Russian developer and manufacturer have been successfully used on communication lines of both the civilian sector and the Ministry of Defense, the Federal Security Service, EMERCOM of Russia, the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia.

Most of the companies that will be represented at INTERPOLITEX-2019 implement a complete cycle of technical protection, as well as property and information security of objects: from the development of a general concept and design to installation and commissioning works with the author's support and post-warranty service.


One can note the constant increase in the number of foreign exhibitors. This year, it is expected that the unique world-class equipment at the Interpolitex 2019 trade show will be represented by companies from 16 foreign countries.

The most topical issues related to the prospects for the development of new technologies in information protection, satellite monitoring of transport and many others will be discussed within the framework of the exhibition business program.

We have pleasure to invite specialists of the profile companies and enterprises to take part in the exposition. In need of more detailed information, please contact Exhibition Companies Group BIZON: phone: + 7 (495) 937 40 81),

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