Digital Cop Will Find and Neutralize

The latest security system, able to control the whole city and find the bad guy, is successfully tested in the structures of law enforcement agencies.

Speaking of a digital policeman, one usually implies a set of gadgets and devices of different difficulty levels. It is true, but here we have to include an artificial intelligence, a platform that analyzes data and helps law enforcement officers in their daily work. Many countries have already made significant progress in this area.


In Russia, the specialized complex that allows monitoring the environment, automating and securing the working processes of law enforcement officers and employees of private security agencies, was presented at International Homeland Security Exhibition INTERPOLITEX by ELESTA Ltd. - an innovative company from St. Petersburg.

Its unique character lies in the fact that it works with the domestic navigation service GLONAS. And unlike many foreign analogues, it offers the same features as the alarm or panic button, but in a portable format.


The complex includes three high-tech portable devices for individual personal wearing:

MAVR - a personal audio-video recorder with GLONASS, designed to fix the situation when performing service. One of the important advantages is that it is anti-vandal. With it, as they say, both in fire and in water – it will not break. And yet it is impossible to turn it off, so he records everything that is happening around until the battery runs out, which is designed for 12 hours of continuous operation.

On the one hand, the video recorder allows later to prove the legitimacy of the actions of the police, and on the other, permits to control their work. After all, when you know that all actions are recorded, it is unlikely that you yourself will break the law. Currently, the device is being tested at the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs. Every patrol officer will be required to carry it.


UMKA - an alarm bracelet that picks-up GLONASS and GPS. Even if the police officer is in the building, you can determine his location thanks to the cell phone towers. In addition, the device allows you to remotely assess the situation - you can connect to the gadget and hear everything that happens around. An alarm will be sent to the remote control not only when a person presses the SOS button, but also if for some reason he loses his bracelet. Especially for this, there is a ‘remove’ sensor on the reverse side of the bracelet. It is curious that initially “Umka” was developed for children, so that in case of danger the child could call for help. But law enforcement officers need such a device no less to call for reinforcements.

Jupiter-GZ - a tablet with an application for snatch squads and detention groups with detailed routes, maps and positioning on the ground. Using the device, you can not only specify the address of the place from which the alarm was sent, and build a route, but also view images and layouts of the required building. The tablet allows you to send messages about arrival at the scene to the duty officer.

An interest in the product was shown by about 70 percent of the INTERPOLITEX visitors (the show is annually visited by about 20 thousand guests).


Will the new product become part of the unified ERA-GLONASS system, which will allow real-time monitoring and integrated security at all levels? These and many other issues will be discussed by specialists at the DIDGIPOL round table as part of the business program of the Interpolitex 2019 exhibition.

This year the business program of the Forum for State Security will include about 60 events of various formats.

International Homeland Security Exhibition "INTERPOLITEX-2019" will be held in Moscow at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements (VDNH, Pavilion 75) from October 22 to 25, 2019.

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