In the first weekend of September, “Say Future”Platform, еogether with the Moscow City Duma Commission for Security and Public Association “Safe Capital”, held a festival for young people in the “Luzhniki” complex.


Within the framework of the Festival for all comers, were organized master classes on various sports: from BMX riding lessons to training in self-defense and karate.


"Say Future is a platform about the future, about the development of our country, which directly depends on modern youth. Therefore, one of our tasks is to support the younger generation, help and assistance in its education and development in various fields," says Say Future” Director Mr. Nikolai Marichev.


In her turn, Chairman of the Moscow City Duma Security Commission, leader of the "Safe Capital" Association Mrs. Inna Svyatenko noted that such events are important for Moscow residents in order to acquire practical knowledge and skills in the field of security, active leisure, and broadening the general horizon.


"Our main task is to make Moscow the safest city in the world," said Mr. Dmitry Galochkin, Co-Chairman of the Coordinating Council of the Russian Non-Government Security Sphere and Chairman of the Public Council of the "Safe Capital" Association. This is one of the topics that we will discuss within the framework of our track "Safe City", which this year will be held in a new format – “Say Future”. Together with the leading experts in the field of security, representatives of the profile departments of the Moscow Government, we will be able to develop the initial set of measures necessary to achieve our goal".


Within the framework of the festival, activists led by the coordinator of the "Safe Capital", the Moscow champion in karate Bogdan Ebert, conducted exercises for the capital's youth.

For information: "Say Future: Security" will be held October 24-25 in Moscow. Among the key tracks: antiterror, biometrics, safe future, blockchain in security, video surveillance, global security technologies, drones, intellectual property, artificial intelligence in security, cyber security, perimeter protection, robotics, access control systems, equipment, export potential of security, PR of the future.


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