INTERPOLITEX 2016: all-weather reconnaissance "Hexagon"

The multirotor UAV is able to conduct a tactical reconnaissance, radiation analysis and an area spectral shooting for an hour.


INTERPOLITEX 2017 business programme: a contribution to the establishment of promising business contacts

The participants and guests of the INTERPOLITEX 2017 International  Exhibition of Means of State Security Provision INTERPOLITEX 2017 business programme will be presented with a highly topical business programme that is to include conferences, seminars and workshops, round tables and presentations. The 21st International Exhibition of Means of State Security Provision INTERPOLITEX 2017 will be held from 17 to 20 October,2017 in the territory of of the VDNH All-Russia Exhibition Centre (Pavilion No 75).


INTERPOLITEX 2016: data acquisition device

Remote data acquisition device allows to increase the range of application for technical intelligence means and control of special devices.


Russian guard will get assault stun-guns

The departments of the National guard of the Russian Republic will be supplied with baton stun-guns made by ZEUS.


Shvabe demonstrated the panoramic camera

The device, developed by specialists of the Holding Shvabe – Krasnogorsky Zavod, allows to obtain a holistic panoramic 4K standard image with coverage angle both vertically and horizontally 360° and has the function of post-editing in real-time (a geometry alignment and a brightness characteristics change).


Major Russian and foreign companies will participate in INTERPOLITEX -2017

The next International Exhibition of Means for State Security Provision INTERPOLITEX 2017 will be held from 17 to 20 October, 2017 in Moscow. The event will gather the leading security and special-purpose equipment manufacturing companies.


INTERPOLITEX 2016 participants on their impressions from the 20th anniversary exhibition

It is here, within the framework of the business platform of INTERPOLITEX, that long-term prospective contracts are signed and marketing challenges are met.


In 2017 KAMAZ will supply 300 vehicles to Iran

Next year KAMAZ intends to supply 300 units of vehicles and assembly sets to Iran. As a result, this country will become the fifth largest export market for the company.


U.S. policemen arm themselves with the OSA pistols

The first batch of constituted more than 60 pistols with more than 10,000 cartridges that are all now undergoing reliability field testing.


International research-to-practice conference ‘Specialized Forensic Equipment’

International research-to-practice conference ‘Specialized Forensic Equipment’ will be organized by the Federal Scientific Production Association of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation (STIS of MoI of Russia) and due to be held on February 28, 2017.

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