20th anniversary Exhibition of Means of State Security Provision INTERPOLITEX 2016. Second day

Alongside with the increasing visitors’ activity, the INTERPOLITEX 2016 second day of work was marked by an outstanding visit of Steven Seagal.

1-Выставочный зал. Фото А. Соколов.JPG
Exhibition Hall, Anatoly Sokolov, Arms of Russia, Moscow

INTERPOLITEX 2016 Exhibition of Means of State Security Provision goes on at the VDNH All-Russian Exhibition Centre. The second day of the exhibition was marked by an increasing activity of designers, manufacturers and potential customers of systems and equipment for law enforcement bodies and other power-wielding structures and security agencies. The exhibitors put their best foot forward to demonstrate the very best and most outstanding characteristics of their exhibition items on display within the framework of intensive and vivid exhibition business mode.

2-Продукция компании Форт. Фото А.Соколов.JPG
Goods manufactured by Fort Company/photo by Anatoly Sokolov, Arms of Russia

    In particular, Solaris Scientific Industrial Group demonstrated General of Solaris, gave the details on these products in his exclusive interview to ‘Arms of Russia’. According to Mr. Lavrov, photovoltaic systems are widely used to generate power by various Ministry of Defence, Federal Security Service and Ministry of Internal Affairs and Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defense, Emergency Management and Natural Disasters Response.

    3-Вариант исполнения генерирующего элемента ФЭС. Фото А.Соколов.JPG
    A version of photovoltaic systems power-generating element, 
    Anatoly Sokolov, Arms of Russia, Moscow

    Photovoltaic systems of special configuration are used in different natural and climatic conditions. The company has a number of various portable solar-power stations on display, including New Generation ones like EPS-120P and EMS-100PM. A great deal of attention is drawn to the solar chargers of SZU2-BSA and SZU2-BSD types.

    4-Электростанция переносная солнечная ЭПС-100-2ПМ. Фото А.Соколов.JPG
    EPS-100-2PM solar power plant/photo by Anatoly Sokolov, Arms of Russia

      Director General of ‘Rodnik’ Scientific-Production Centre CJSC, Mr. Uri Kirillov, told ‘Arms of Russia’ about the products of the company that are on display. The company, which has been information technologies system integrator for the last 25 years, showcases rugged portable PCs, laptops and tablets that can function effectively under a wide range of exterior temperatures, various types of precipitations, including ingress of sea water.

      5-Защищенный ноутбук компании Родник. Фото А.Соколов.JPG
      Rugged laptop manufactured by ‘Rodnik’ Scientific-Production Centre CJSC/ 
      photo by Anatoly Sokolov, Arms of Russia

        A vivid interest is sparked by the exhibits of ‘Magellan’ Company products. The company displays law enforcement agencies uniform clothes within the wide range of sizes. ‘Magellan’ is a traditional participant of INTERPOLITEX exhibition. This year it showcases upper garments for the younger generation, including cadets. The company has good credibility and a very good reputation due to its products of high-quality and affordable considerably low prices in comparison with other manufacturers.

        6-Новые разработки одежды для кадетов компании Магеллан. Фото А.Соколов.JPG
        Latest outfit designs for cadets developed by ‘Magellan’ Company/ 
        photo by Anatoly Sokolov, Arms of Russia

          A prominent American actor, Master of the Martial Arts, Mr. Steven Seagal has also succumbed to temptation to learn more about cutting-edge Russian developments. Mr. Seagal’s attention was particularly drawn to the ‘GUARD’multi-charge remote electrical shock contact device presented by RTEKh-NO JSC. He also had a brief business encounter with the top-managers of the company at the very exhibition stand of RTEKh-NO.

          7-Стивен Сигал на стенде компании РТЕХ-НО. Фото А.Соколов.JPG
          Steven Seagal at the RTEKh-NO JSC exhibition stand/ 
          photo by Anatoly Sokolov, Arms of Russia

          One had a chance to get to know the IWT Company products that are unique and outstanding in terms of a number of specifications at the IWT exhibition stand. IWT Company is the leading manufacturer of thermal-imaging and television sight intelligent automated units as well as sighting and observation systems, infrared surveillance units, laser rangefinders and ballistic calculators.

          8-Экспозиция компании Инновационные Оружейные Технологии. Фото А.Соколов.JPG
          Innovation Weapons Technologies IWT Company display/ 
          photo by Anatoly Sokolov, Arms of Russia

            Mr. Alexander Astakhov, Deputy Director General of the company, elaborated on IWT exhibition items on display. He pointed out thermal sighting devices like ‘Shaitan’, ‘Mutant’, ‘Kharon’ , ‘Scout’ and a number of other products. Mr.Astakhov also drew special attention to the thermal lens fitting ‘NANO’ and to the thermal sighting system ‘Demon’.

            9-Тепловизионный прицельный комплекс Демон. Фото А.Соколов.JPG
            ‘Demon’thermal sighting system/ photo by Anatoly Sokolov, Arms of Russia

              According to the company representative, the products manufactured by IWT surpass their foreign analogues in many aspects and characteristics and successfully competes with products of international companies in the foreign markets.

              10-Экспозиция компании Кираса. Фото А.Соколов.JPG
              ‘Kirasa’ CJSC exhibition items on display/ 
              photo by Anatoly Sokolov, Arms of Russia

              The goods manufactured by ‘KIRASA’ CJSC from Perm sparked abiding interest among visitors and participants of the exhibition. ‘Permyatchka-M’ protective suits as well as outer and concealable wear body armour and separate individual armour protection items. One could find also multi-purpose of protective ballistic helmets, protective face shields, goggles and other tactical gear elements.

              11-Модель энеоглнезависимого гидроакустического буя. Фото А.Соколов.JPG
              Autonomous hydroacoustic sonobuoy/ 
              photo by Anatoly Sokolov, Arms of Russia

              Military science entities and organizations are also widely represented at the 20th anniversary INTERPOLITEX 2016 exhibition alongside with defence-industrial complex companies. Representatives of military institutes had an active exchange of views with the representatives of industrial complex and procurement agencies. In fact, they shared experience of implementation of industrial and commercial developments that have stood or are undergoing practical tests in the field. Alongside with the industrial developments, academic developments had also a chance to be presented. Autonomous hydroacoustic sonobuoy is one of such developments. Its basic advantages are outstanding characteristics is its continued operation without recharging as well as sticking to the set position. VLIBOR SYSTEMS LLC specializing on the development of passengers’ hand luggage and baggage screening portable systems, attracted the participants and guests of INTERPOLITEX 2016 exhibition to its exhibition stand not only by the design of the exhibition items, but also by demonstration of their very best technical capabilities and options of use.

              12-Мобильный комплекс таможенного досмотра. Фото А.Соколов.JPG
              Customs screening mobile system/ photo by Anatoly Sokolov, Arms of Russia

                Alongside with the display program, the business program of INTERPOLITEX 2016 exhibition was held in strict accordance with the plan. Four sections of the science-to-practice conferences organized by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation and Russian Federal Security Service continued their work. Registration and certification of the unmanned aerial systems equipment became the topic of the round table.

                13-Фото А.Соколов.JPG
                Anatoly Sokolov, Arms of Russia, Moscow

                Apart from that, two workshops and a number of events within the framework of the CSTO program and two business breakfasts within the framework of Forum of Non-governmental Security Structures (NSS) ‘Safe and Secure Capital’ have successfully been held.

                Anatoly Sokolov, Arms of Russia, Moscow

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