International exhibition "Robotic Systems and Complexes"

International exhibition "Robotic Systems and Complexes" will be held in Moscow within the framework of the 20th Anniversary International Exhibition of State Security "Interpolitex-2016" from 18 to 21 October 2016.


Robotics is included in the category of priority directions of development of science, technology and engineering in the Russian Federation and involves the creation of unmanned vehicles in the form of robotic systems and complexes. In addition, robotics is interdisciplinary and rather integrated subject. That is why it has become a key component in the development of basic national industries. The exhibition is held with a task of a large-scale demonstration of achievements of domestic and foreign manufacturers in the field of up-to-date robotic systems and complexes used by all law enforcement bodies and agencies in their work of ensuring national security.

The exposition profile includes such thematic sections as: robotic systems and complexes of military, special and dual purpose; target equipment to be placed on robotic systems and complexes; control systems, propulsion systems, simulators; normative and regulatory requirements, organizational and technological solutions; various projects, which work is based on the use of robotic systems and complexes.


The exhibition will be held as two integrated and mutually complimentary events - exposition and business programs that support, complement and stimulate each other, creating a business and creative atmosphere.

To discuss the issues of practical implementation of unmanned aircraft systems in the work of law enforcement agencies, state and commercial structures the exhibition business program will host a special conference "Unmanned Multipurpose systems and complexes."

We have pleasure to invite experts working in the specialized companies to take part in the formation of the exposition and the business program of the exhibition.

For participation, please contact the Exhibition Directorate:

Contact person: Boris Kaliko

Tel/Fax.: + 7 (495) 937 40 81


20th International Exhibition of Homeland Security "Interpolitex 2016" will be held from 18 to 21 October 2016 in Moscow at the VDNH Exhibition Center, Pavilion №75.

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