Foreign Companies Commented on Participation in INTERPOLITEX-2018


Elsa Kazemi Abkharian, representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Specialist of the “Center for Progress and Development of Iran (CPDI)”:

“Iran has long been familiar with this (Interpolitex) exhibition, but exposition of the Iranian companies is presented here for the first time. We are quite satisfied by the organization of the event and the number of attendees.

The exhibition presents leading high-tech companies in the field of security systems equipment, three of which are engaged in the development and manufacture of equipment for determining human biometric parameters, X-ray customs diagnostics. There is also was presented company-manufacturer of antivirus software that is used in all Iranian state institutions, as well as two companies manufacturing equipment for high speed data transfer. We consider Iranian products very competitive due to the high exchange rate of the US dollar to the Iranian currency.

Arne Aleksandersson, Micro Systemation AB, Sweden

“Micro Systemation AB was founded in 1984 in Stockholm. During all these years the main activity of the company has been manufacture of mobile forensic systems for the needs of various law enforcement agencies.

We operate not only in Russia, but throughout the CIS, where at present there are more than 150 active systems. This equipment allows you to extract, decode, decrypt and process information received from various mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets, flying drones, smart watches. The systems also allow receiving remote data, including from obsolete phone models, which are usually used by terrorists, as well as modern smartphones, including those made in China, which use the Mediatech platform.

We have been participating in INTERPOLITEX since 2011. We feel the effect of the exhibition on our product; here we are in contact with representatives of regional law enforcement agencies, who do not come to Moscow regularly. Communicating personally with the end user: regional representatives of law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation and CIS countries, we can understand their needs, adjust our activities to ensure their interests in working with our systems.”

Anton Evgrashtenkov, representative of the Israeli company "Cellebrite":

“Cellebrite has been operating in the Russian market through the local distributor Lan-Project for more than 20 years and has more than 200 employees. Work is carried out with various law enforcement agencies, including countries of the former Soviet Union. Cellebrite is a world leader that operates in 150 countries with the total number of supplied systems more than 60,000 complexes.

Despite the ongoing work on the development and modernization of our systems, every year it is becoming more difficult to “hack” the phones. Manufacturers of smartphones take more care in protecting user data, while using software, hardware and software to encrypt data of their users. Our goal is to supply customers with the best complexes, with the most advanced technologies.

INTERPOLITEX is the largest, most famous exhibition in the CIS and the post-Soviet space. Here we can meet all the key customers, what is necessary for our fruitful work.”

Tim Gaetcke, Sales Manager, Vallon GmbH, Germany:

“We brought at the exhibition three types of our products. These are classic metal detectors, magnetometers and two-section detectors, which are used to search for various explosive devices."

“It is not the first time that I come to this exhibition and see improvements in the organization every year.” Tim Gaetke spoke about the work of Vallon in Russia and stressed: “We have clients in Russia. We want to be closer and have a more close contact with them.”


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