Elon Musk is to give a master class for Russian start-ups in autumn 2018

“The Say Future” Organizational Committee is working with the CEO of Space X Company, Elon Musk, to participate in the Say Future: Security forum in Moscow in October this year.


Mr. Musk has already been sent an official invitation to participate in the event as an honored guest.

“Our main goals: in a language that is clear and understandable to the modern person, to declare problems of security and existing growth zones, and also to unite all the best technologies and vision of a civil and expert society in the name of the most positive scenario of the future,”- is said in an official letter to Space X and Tesla leader.

“Say Future: Security” in 2018 will be held for the first time. At the same time, organizers say, the event will become a unique format for Russia and the whole world for the forum on modern security and future security technologies.

Among the main thematic blocks, organizers said: future biometrics, block-chain technology in security, global security technologies, drones, integrated security systems, cybersecurity, robotics and many others.

The head-line experts are expected to come from Russia, EU countries, Asia (United Arab Emirates, China) and Northern America.

Also on the eve of the event, the organizing committee conducts a large-scale internal Russian opinion poll and the collection of expert assessments on the most urgent tasks for preserving the security of citizens of Russian Federation and the entire planet until 2045 — “Options of the Future: The Public View.”

Notification: Elon Musk, an American scientist and entrepreneur, the founder and chief engineer of the space company Space X, which in February 2018 launched the most powerful carrier rocket Falcon Heavy into a near-earth orbit. Musk visited Moscow twice in 2001 and 2002, actively met with Russian commercial and public organization.

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