Russia will unite the best achievements in the field of security at the Say Future Forum site. International Committee Digital Economy BRICS (ICDE BRICS), in the status of the Forum partner, conducts a series of preparatory events with the world's leading experts.


The key competencies of the modern period are global thinking, inter-sectoral approach, openness to innovation. The ICDE BRICS Expert Council is represented by unique developers whose activities meet the challenges of the modern period. The attention of the Committee's experts will cover the perimeter security from the oceans to the cosmos.

President of the International Committee Digital Economy BRICS, Mrs. Natalina Litvinova held a working meeting in Skolkovo with experts - President of the "ADGEX” International Company Mr. Viktor Uzlov and Mr. Jayakumar Venkatesan, Executive Director of VALLES MARINERIS INTERNATIONAL PRIVATE LIMITED, a United Nations expert on space law and space policy.

Leaders of the global scientific structures agreed on further fruitful cooperation, discussed theses of the reports for the Say Future forum.


Mr. Jayakumar Venkatesan, in particular, noted: "I would like to thank the founders of the ICDE BRICS (International Committee Digital Economy BRICS) for initiatives in the field of digital economy. We need international cooperation in this direction to develop sustainable ties between countries. Cooperation is necessary for successful projects of humanity.

There comes the second digital revolution: computing power is increasing, technologies are being improved in the field of intellectual analytics, artificial intelligence, and all this will allow to automate, analyze and optimize more business processes.

According to the research data, in 2025 - Digital Enabler will be valued at $ 4.8 trillion. Players providing hardware and software, connectivity, platforms and services for the digital economy have a tremendous opportunity to transform their organizations.

International Committee Digital Economy BRICS - (ICDE BRICS) an effective platform for the development and implementation of projects in the digital economy".


Mr. Jayakumar Venkatesan – carries on various projects in the field of development and implementation of analysis of robotic and manned space missions. He is the author of concepts for creation of permanent settlements on the planet Mars, for the study and analysis of manned space flights and interplanetary missions, in the design and development of robotic systems.

Mr. Viktor Uzlov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the International ADGEX Company, Vice President of the National Technology Chamber, Expert in the field of Intellectual Property and the development of new breakthrough technologies, and a Member of the Expert Council of the BRICS International Committee for Digital Economy will develop the concept of a Safe Future. Mr. Uzlov has a unique knowledge on the promotion and introduction of innovative products to the market. The ADGEX team owns exclusive rights for technologies in the field of mobile and renewable energy, microelectronics, transport industry, materials science and modular engineering.

"Security as a whole should be divided into social and environmental security of society, economic and digital security of business and economic security of the state. It is these topics that will become the main ones and will be revealed at the Say Future forum site.

The international Forum for integrating digital technologies into the security system will be held on October 24-25 at VDNH.


Natalina Litvinova
President of the International Committee Digital Economy BRICS

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