FAQ: How to become a visitor to the SAY FUTURE: SECURITY Forum


1. I am interested in the topic of the Forum. How can I become its visitor?

In order to become a visitor of the Forum it is necessary to register on the site www.say-future.ru and, through the site, to purchase one of four packages for visitors;

2. What is the difference between packages for visitors?

In addition to the cost, packages for visitors are distinguished by a set of possibilities, privileges and services. Depending on your needs, for every taste and purse.

3.I just want to have a look at the Forum and listen to several tracks on the topic of interest to me.

That's good! Purchase the basic VISITOR package. With this package you get the right to attend the Forum, get free coffee and water. In addition, you can get gifts and souvenirs from sponsors.

4. Our company is a newcomer in the security industry. We just feel the possibilities and the market. I would like to get the fullest idea about the Forum and to communicate with the participants.

Perfect! For you especially we have the BUSINESS VISITOR package, which, in addition to the basic possibilities, includes coffee breaks with the Forum participants, as well as participation in the final PARTY where you can chat informally with the participants and visitors of the Forum;

5. I am a representative of a large customer. The purpose of my visit to the Forum is not only to get acquainted with the new trends in the industry development, but also to conduct various business negotiations, discussion of the technical details and, possibly, making various deals. I need the maximum level of comfort and compliance with of the Forum schedule and my business timetable.

It's great! For VIP visitors, we have created the VIP CORPORATION package. It includes organization of business meetings on your requests, lunch with speakers, access to the VIP zone of the Forum, photo sessions. In addition, a guaranteed place at the opening ceremony and in the VIP-zone and VIP-menu at the final PARTY;

6. I can not remain silent! There is an urgent need to share our vision, talk about the latest trends and products, geopolitical situation, etc.

It is wonderful! It is for you that we created the SPEAKER package. It fully complies with the VIP CORPORATION package at cost and included services and privileges. But if you have something to say and your report corresponds to the theme of one of the Forum's tracks - we, with pleasure, will include you in the program of presentations.

Join us at the "SAY FUTURE: SECURITY" International Forum!

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