‘Aurica’ LLC will participate in the 20th anniversary exhibition INTERPOLITEX-2016


‘Aurica’LLC was founded in 2007. The company is one of the leading manufacturers of hearing protection devices, soundproof ear protectors, ear defenders that are extremely useful in the process of shooting or during stay in places with heightened level of ambient noise as well as when travelling by plane or any other means of transport. The abovementioned devices provide for the attenuation of loud ambient noise making it possible in the meantime to hear and discern verbal language.

At ‘INTERPOLITEX 2016’ exhibition the company plans to showcase micro earphones for security professionals and intelligence services representatives, standard and tailor-made (radio set plug-in and additional equipment with a microphone are provided for) as well as security systems for individuals, different facilities and sites. Among the highlights of these security systems are fire detecting sensors, water leakage detectors, invasion and infiltration (including glass break) sensors, (with GSM warning alert and notification systems by means of GSM: call or SMS message alert are provided for).

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The visitors and colleagues of ‘Aurica’ experts may also pay particular attention to the so-called ‘warning alarm button’ which is a kind of alarm system carried around by an individual. The ‘warning button’ is automatically activated in case of pushing the button or an abrupt fall of the person. The ‘warning button’ is equipped with GSM module that provides for (automatic) call or SMS message. The option of a call centre establishment for this kind of security systems-the ‘warning buttons’, is also envisaged.

The company is also widely known for its social responsibility, social commitment and has been a key participant in the ‘Friendly Environment’ state-run programme equipping with induction systems Moscow ‘Domodedovo’International Airport and ticket offices of the ‘Aeroexpress’ company.

The visitors and other participants of INTERPOLITEX 2016 are welcome by the ‘Aurica’representatives at the company exhibition stand (venue:1B5-4).

20th anniversary Exhibition of Means of State Security Provision INTERPOLITEX 2016 will be held from 18 to 21 October 2016 in Moscow in the territory of the All-Russian Exhibition Centre VDNH in the Pavilion No 75.

INTERPOLITEX 2016 Press Service

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