"There is no such goal that would be invulnerable to those who are ready for any sacrifices."

Ilich Ramirez Sanchez (Carlos the Jackal)

"If you look back to the war in the Caucasus - it turns out, most of all it interfered with ... instructions from St. Petersburg. Officials far from the war believed that the Caucasus could be appeased by peaceful negotiations and "economic methods"

General Alexei Ermolov


From time immemorial, man, inventing new weapons, very quickly created and corresponding protective means. A shield was invented for any sword, a bulletproof vest was a rescue from small arms, air defense means from air raids, and anti-virus programs struggle with computer viruses. One of the most important challenges to modern security is terrorism. And mankind has not yet developed a universal means of protection against this terrible weapon.

Speaking about the origins of the birth of terrorism, experts generally do not have a common opinion. Someone is counting from the most ancient times, from the legendary assassins, ranking as terrorism any political murder or genocide. Someone considers the fighting organizations of the Socialist-Revolutionaries to be the progenitors. For others, it all begins with the activities of the Red Brigades and the IRA. At present, there is no even a generally recognized definition of the word "terrorism". Legislations of various countries treat this definition in different ways.

Similarly, experts dealing with the current issues of antiterror, disagree on the causes of the emergence and methods of combating terrorism. The reasons for these disagreements can lie both in the political field and in conceptual contradictions. International Forum of Modern Security Technologies SAY FUTURE: Security invites all specialists, theorists and practitioners, representatives of special services, security services of strategic facilities and simply interested people to visit the track ANTITERROR.

Within the framework of the ANTITERROR site, our experts will speak on the following topics:

• Perimeter security of facilities.

• Inspection equipment and algorithms for its use.

• Detection of explosives.

• Search and detection of radioactive materials in baggage and on passengers. Equipment, techniques.

• Methods of disguising the installation of explosive devices and signs on which they can be identified.

• Effective use of surveillance equipment at protected sites.

• Equipment for detection and neutralization of explosive devices

• Wearable (compact), mobile and stationary means of antiterrorist protection of objects.

International Forum of Up-to-Date Security Technologies SAY FUTURE: Security will be held on October 24 and 25, 2018 in Moscow, at the Exhibition of National Economy Achievements (VDNH), Pavilion 75. In addition to the topics dedicated to providing security at various levels, in all situations and scenarios, the forum will present an innovative platform for exhibition and conference technology SAY FUTURE.

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