Say Future – a platform of safe future modeling


In recent period it is important to harmoniously integrate digital resources of account and control into social institutes of the Russian Federation. It is necessary to establish a dialogue between developers, power ministries and agencies of the country.

On 24-25 of October, 2018 the VDNKh complex will host Say Future event. International forum on integration of digital technologies in security field will become the unique platform of presentation and modeling of effective complexes for the capital and perimeter protection of the country scale.

The program of the forum is formed with active support of the International Committee Digital Economy BRICS. ICDE BRICS has delegated its' best experts to take part in the event- developers, industry leaders who express the highest humanitarian ideals and create the world of unity and safe development.


President of International Committee Digital Economy BRICS – Mrs. Natalina Litvinova highlights the high level of organization of the forum. Each Speaker is provided with personal profile, opportunity to announce key theses and to express the main ideas in order to formulate the guidelines discovering the subject of each track of the forum. The Information Department of Say Future project has launched a YouTube-channel with individual interviews of each expert of the event.

International Committee Digital Economy BRICS will present the strategy of safe future by the projects of the following experts:

Mrs. Olga Uskova – Founder and President of "Cognitive Technologies" Group of companies, famous Russian businesswoman, public figure, author of international project of creative thinking technologies development "New reality 2.0", "Honored businesswoman of Russia", TOP-5 of the most successful business women of Russia, Top-10 of the best heads of IT industry.

Dr. Venkatesan Jayakumar - CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER & MD


Leading expert in aerospace engineering field. Works in the field of development and implementation of analysis projects of robotized and piloted space missions. The author of concepts devoted to: creation of constant settlements on the planet Mars; research and analysis of piloted space flights and interplanetary missions, in the field of design and development of robotic systems. Leading engineer of Elon Musk team.

Mr. Anton Zorkin - TV host, Russian public figure, candidate of psychological sciences, developer of programs in the field of Ecology of consciousness. Information and psychological culture of personality is presented as the key resource of a digital profile of citizens - a basis of social rating system.

Mr. Victor Uzlov - Chairman of the board of directors of International company ADGEX, Vice-president of National technological Chamber, expert in the field of Intellectual property and development of new breakthrough technologies. Obtains unique knowledge of promotion and entering the market of innovative products. The ADGEX team has exclusive rights on technologies in the field of mobile and renewable power, microelectronics, transport industry, materials science and modular mechanical engineering.

Mr. Sergey Gorbunov - President of Institute of Digital Economy and Law. The Institute of Digital Economy and Law has developed and presented the Concept of World Blockchain Jurisdiction (WBJ).

Participants and partners of Say Future event can choose thematic tracks for any tasks, with broad coverage of relevant directions: cyber security, smart city, drones, biometrics of the future, blockchain in security, video surveillance, export potential of Russia and others.

The Forum is organized by "BIZON" company which successfully holds the largest security exhibition "Interpolitex" for more than 20 years already.



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